Theology and Ethics

  • Christology and the Ethics of┬áJesus
  • Theology: Systematic and Moral
  • Creation, Anthropology and Election
  • Sin and Liberation
  • Holy Spirit, Salvation and Virtue
  • Ecclesiology and Politics
  • Sacraments, Sex and Medicine
  • Eschatology and Violence
  • Trinity, Economy and Ecology
  • Saintly Lives: Augustine, Dorothy Day, Oscar Romero


  • Spirituality of Ordained Ministry
  • Awareness and Discernment
  • Experiential Christian Formation

Theory & Practice of Ministry

  • Theological Reflection
  • The Pastoral Relationship in the Congregation
  • Congregational Seasons and Cycles
  • Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation
  • Pastoral Leadership: A Trinitarian Approach
  • Church: Established or Intentional?
  • Servant Leadership
  • Healthy and Unhealthy Conflict
  • Responding to Unhealthy Conflict
  • Prophetic Voice
  • Deacon Synthesis Paper Returned
  • Leading Change
  • Leading as a Steward
  • Foundations for Healthy Small Congregations
  • Deacon and Priest Field Work Review