Iona Initiative Curriculum

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Introduction to the Year
The Persian Period
Deuteronomistic History
Prophetic Literature
Responses to Hellenism
The Roman Period
Matthew and Luke/Acts
John and Paul
Paul, Canon, Scripture as a Resource for Christians
Church History

·   The Early Church

·   The Imperial Church

·   The Medieval Church

·   Pre-Reformation Christianity in England

·   Continental Reformation

·   English Reformation

·   English Church Development: 17th – 19th Centuries

·   Christianity in the Modern World

·   The American Episcopal Church

·   Contemporary Society

Theology and Ethics

·   Christology and the Ethics of Jesus

·   Theology: Systematic and Moral

·   Creation, Anthropology and Election

·   Sin and Liberation

·   Holy Spirit, Salvation and Virtue

·   Ecclesiology and Politics

·   Sacraments, Sex and Medicine

·   Eschatology and Violence

·   Trinity, Economy and Ecology

·   Saintly Lives: Augustine, Dorothy Day, Oscar Romero


·   Spiritual Autobiographies

·   Stages of Faith; Journaling

·   Lectio Divina

·   Rule of Life

·   Prayer of the Senses

·   Contemplative Prayer

·   Celtic Spirituality

·   Reading Icons

·   Spirituality of the Senses

·   Labyrinth


·   Desert Spirituality

·   Julian of Norwich

·   Spanish Mystics: Ignatius and Teresa

·   Hymns of Thomas Ken; Caroline Divines

·   Hymns and Poems:  Lutheran and Wesleyan

·   Spirituality in the Modern World: Underhill and Lewis

·   Contemporary Anglican Spirituality

·   Emergent and Virtual Spirituality


·   Spirituality of Ordained Ministry

·   Awareness and Discernment

·   Experiential Christian Formation

Liturgy and Music

·   Daily Office

·   Homiletics

·   Introduction to Holy Eucharist

·   History and Theology of the Book of Common Prayer

·   Familiarity with the Book of Common  Prayer

·   Liturgical Renewal Movement

·   Holy Eucharist and Prayers of the People

·   Conversations with the Bishop

·   Field Work Review

Liturgy and Music

·   Liturgical Planning

·   Burials

·   Music for Small Vital Congregations

·   Introduction  to Servant in the Liturgy

·   The Church Year

·   Christian Initiation

·   Weddings

·   Worship Practicum

·   Sacrament of Reconciliation

·   Healing Liturgies

·   Liturgical Theology

Liturgy and Music

Deacon or Priest Practicum

Theory and Practice of Ministry

·   Introduction to the Priesthood and Diaconate

·   Clergy Vesture

·   Cultural Competency

·   Hospital Visits

·   Preparing for End of Life

·   Small Vital Congregations

·   Title IV Disciplinary Canons

·   Empowering the Laity

·   Parish Polity

Theory & Practice of Ministry

·   Addiction and Prayer

·   Parish Administration

·   Christian Formation

·   Ministry to the Homeless

·   Disaster Relief

·   Ministry to Older Adults

·   Deacon Synthesis Paper Assignment

·   Conversation with the Bishop


Theory & Practice of Ministry

·   Theological Reflection

·   The Pastoral Relationship in the Congregation

·   Congregational Seasons and Cycles

·   Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation

·   Pastoral Leadership: A Trinitarian Approach

·   Church: Established or Intentional?

·   Servant Leadership

·   Healthy and Unhealthy Conflict

·   Responding to Unhealthy Conflict

·   Prophetic Voice

·   Deacon Synthesis Paper Returned

·   Leading Change

·   Leading as a Steward

·   Foundations for Healthy Small Congregations

·   Deacon and Priest Field Work Review