Required Texts

2019-2020  Iona Olympia Textbooks

Texts for 2019-2020 to be updated soon.  Please DO NOT BUY the texts below–they are from another year, but they give potential students an idea of the costs/type of texts used.

You do not have to purchase the edition stated, but know that the assigned pages/chapters may not line up. Some books are available as ebooks, so that is another option. A set of most of these is also available in the Diocesan Resource Center, but we kindly request that you do not plan to check them out for longer than a week—so that others may access them as well—unless there are multiple copies available.

To help you and your congregations plan, I used (you can buy your textbooks anywhere), and listed  the range you can spend depending on whether you want ebooks, used, new, or in some cases, rent the book.

 REQUIRED for all students (about $36 – 66)

  1.  New Oxford Annotated Bible, Fourth Edition ($16-30)
  2. The Book of Common Prayer, 1979  (free online or $9-16)
  3. Plater, Ormonde, Deacons in the Liturgy, 2nd Edition, Church Publishing, 2009 ($10)


 There are choices for textbooks this year. You are only expected to read one of the Old Testament texts and either the Fortress text OR the set of 3 listed. You may, of course, read all, but it is not expected! I will give reading assignments from each book, but I only expect you to read assignments from one.

Old Testament Text   You have two choices for your Old Testament text. (minimum of $30)

Anderson, Bernhard W., Bishop, Steven and Newman, Judith. Understanding the Old Testament, Fifth Edition, Pearson Prentice Hall 2006. ($19 to rent, $60-140 to buy)


Yee, Gale A., et al. The Old Testament and Apocrypha: Fortress Commentary on the Bible, Fortress Press 2014. ($30)

New Testament Texts   You may either buy the first text listed OR the set of three listed below it. You will not need these until after the 1st of the year. The first listed is a new text covering the whole New Testament, and the latter three each cover part of the New Testament, so all three would need to be purchased. (minimum of $30)

Aymer, Margaret, et al. The New Testament: Fortress Commentary on the Bible. Fortress Press 2014. ($30)


All three of the following:

  1. Barton, Steven C. ed.The Cambridge Companion to the Gospels (Paperback edition), Cambridge University Press ($10-30)
  2. Dunn, James D. G. ed. The Cambridge Companion to St. Paul (Paperback edition), Cambridge University Press ($13-30)
  3. Kittredge, Cynthia, Conversations with Scripture: The Gospel of John, Morehouse, ($9-18)


 Dairmaid MacCulloch. Christianity: The First Three Thousand Years.  Penguin Books, 2009. ($8-21)

Diarmaid MacCulloch: The Later Reformation in England 1547-1603 ($10-30)

Stephen Platter, ed. Anglicanism and the Western Christian Tradition ($29)

JRH Moorman: A History of the Church in England ($10-27)

 David L. Holmes: A Brief History of the Episcopal Church ($7-40)

RECOMMENDED for students (as applicable/desired)

Opening the Bible by Roger Ferlo, 1997. (Especially recommended for year 1 students with little Bible reading/study experience: this gives study and reading strategies, explains different translations, etc.  I would order this and read it before class starts, if possible.)

A People Called Episcopalians: A Brief Introduction to our Way of Life. OR Webber, Christopher. Welcome to the Episcopal Church: An Introduction to Its History, Faith, and Worship by Westerhoff, John H. III. (Especially recommended for year 2 students who are new(ish) to the Episcopal Church.)

Santa Biblio, Justo L Gonzales. (For students who are interested in understanding more about Bible experiences “from the margins,” particularly with an Hispanic/Latino lens); chapters include marginality, poverty, etc.)

The People’s Companion to the Bible, by DeYoung, Curtiss, et. al.  (This companion has a section on each book in the Bible, each written by someone who looks at the Bible from his/her cultural perspective.)